MATSPORTS Betting System


The truth is that most of the people who bet on sports lose money. There is two main reason for this: lack of discipline and poor money management. Here in MATSPORTS, we use a simple betting system which includes 10 points of betting, or 10 levels. A lot of services offer systems like this, which is not wrong, but we use this system differently. Our system is designed to give you the best ROI (Return Of Investment) for the day, depending on the games that are available. That is why we classified all of our daily picks with different levels.


For example, let's say that you are starting with a bank of a $1000. 1 point of your bank is equal to a 2% (or 20$ in that case) of your funds (5 points are equal to 10%) and this is how you will know to manage your daily bets. Depending on the schedule we will give you all different kind of games with different levels of playing. A game with 10 points of playing is a very rare selection which we will give to you ONLY when we are 100% sure that this game will be a winner! The majority of the games released will be between 1 and 5 points. There will be situations in which we will release a game early on the day with a higher level of security and then we will offer a lower or a higher play before the game starts. We will be posting all the information and the changes in our BLOG that is why we highly recommend that you check it daily and stay tuned for updates. Our analysis is based on the information that we acquired before the games start, during the warm-up it is always possible that some of the key players are put on the bench or do not start the game at all, which changes the whole game plan and the performance of the team. This will also change the odds for the game and you will be losing or gaining the value of your bet. We want to be prepared for surprises like this. That is why when the official lineups are announced there will always be a post in our BLOG which will give the right advice on how to act in a situation similar to this.


Remember this! This will be your most important rule to remember. Here in MATSPORTS, we make a difference between betting (some people called it gambling) and investment. People invest money in stocks, cryptocurrency, real estates, precious metals, art etc. We will teach you how to invest money in sports! Like any other industry, there is a risk, but the sports investment will bring you immediate results and you will have much more flexibility with your money. For example, let's say you invest money in stocks which is a long-term investment, right? You don’t know how your investment will turn out in the next 2 or 3 hours. You usually wait for months to see if it will be profitable. Investing in cryptocurrencies is similar. We all remember when Bitcoin’s price hit close to $20000, did you sell or you buy on this day? We can keep going with the real estate market and the precious metals, but our point is that investing in sports is way easier and faster than any of the methods mentioned above. You will just place a bet, watch the game and at the end, you will know if you made money or not- SIMPLE! There is also a strategy which will allow you to cash out a winning bet before the game is over and take your winnings for the time being, but we will talk about that strategy in one of the other sections.

In the beginning, you just need to do 1 thing! SET UP A GOAL! What return do you want to get and for what period of time? Be very clear on that, because sometimes you may hit your goal way sooner than you think. What will you do next? Well, you will have options, but you will be in a position to decide what do you want to do with your time and money. That is why we recommend sports wagering as the most flexible method of investing and making money on the side. And if you are s sports fan, you will definitely LOVE IT!

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