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Free NBA Predictions

NBA Tips for 11/4/18

Thank you for joining us on Sunday for our NBA predictions. Today we have a few games which we strongly think will be winners. We also have a parlay whit good odds and leans as well! Let's finish the weekend strong!


PHI 76ers @ BKN Nets

Over 223.5 @1.9 (2 points)❌

PHI 76ers little by little is going to look alike the team who played the playoffs last season. They were struggling, in the beginning, to find their form and, but now they are on fire. Embiid put an amazing performance against Detroit yesterday and we expect a lot of points and rebound from him tonight. The trip from Philadelphia to Brooklyn is very short and we don't think that will reflect on the players. We expect a big night from Simmons too(we don't see anybody from Nets who can guard him the whole game). Nets are 2-2 at home this season and 3-6 total. At home, they had to play against GSW and Rockets already and lost with 6 and 8 points. They played good against Knicks and Detroit and we expect them to put a solid performance tonight against their neighbours from Phili, this is why we are taking the over here. Nets(3rd) and 76ers(5th) are two of the teams with most 3 points in the league- 124 and 119. Number 12 offence(76ers) against number 21 (Nets)- the two sides put average 113.1 and 108.6 but their defence is not good enough, that is why we are taking the Over.


ORL Magic @ SA Spurs

Spurs -8 @ 1.9 (2 points)❌

Spurs are a tough team to beat at home! They are playing one of the worst team in the league right now and for sure Popovich will take the win here. San Antonio started the season very strong and they are 4-1 at home(only Indiana took a win against them). Orlando is 1-2 away from home(they beat Celtics which was big upset) and we don't think that tonight they will manage to surprise the Spurs. Last year San Antonio won with 36 points(108-72). Spurs are scoring 113.9 PPG, Magic- 99.9. We expect good defence from the home side tonight and a lot of points from DeRozan and Aldridge. Take the Spurs -8!


MIN Timberwolves@ POR Trail Blazers

Blazers -6 @1.9 (2 points)✅

No Butler again tonight! It looks like he is not fit to play back to back games. Teague is out also and the man in form Rose is a GTD. Minnesota put an amazing performance at home against UTA Jazz and then they lost against the GSW. We don't think that they will have any chance to win tonight against the strong  Portland team. Blazers lost against Lakers last night but at the end, LA could lose the game. Lillard and McCollum will be ready for tonight and with this 2 gays playing like that we don't think that Blazers will lose 2 in a row. Portland is 6th in the league scoring 117.9 PPG, 4th in offence rating and 11 in defence rating. Minnesota is 10th with 114.1 PPG which put them 14th in offence rating and 26th in defence rating. Buttler will be the big missing name tonight and we believe that without him Timberwolves will not stand a chance.


Small Leans:

Wizards -6.5✅

Raptors -3✅



Spurs to win @ 1.26❌

76ers to win @ 1.57❌

Blazers to win @ 1.4✅

Raptors to win @ 1.66✅

Odds: 4.59❌


Loss: 2.2 units


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Free NBA Predictions

NBA Tips for 11/1/18

Thank you for joining us again! 2 of 4 of our picks yesterday! We were really looking for high scoring games, but Denver and Lakers were struggling to score some buckets. Denver game even went to OT and they still could pass the total line. The show last night was in Minnesota where Dereck Rose put a historical performance and help his team to take the win. What a game that was! GSW and Pelicans score a lot of points and both teams put a great performance but like we said-nobody can beat the Champions right now! Tonight games are very interesting and we are sure we will see a lot of drama at the end. We will play a little bit careful today and try to win some money.

Let's go!


LA Clippers @ PHI 76ers

Under 228.5 @1.9 (2 points)❌

76ers won their last 2 games at home and both of them finish under the total. They are coming after a loss against The Raptors and definitely will try to put a good performance in front of their fans. The teams have no injuries and we expect from to play good defence tonight and not let Clippers score many points. Clippers are 1-2 in their visit this season and they finish over the total in their last 2 games away. We think that they will be struggling to score tonight against Embiid and company. Last 3 games between them finish under the total and we think this will happen again tonight.


NO Pelicans @ POR Trail Blazers

Over 229.5 @ 1.9 (2 points)✅

We are going with the trend here and we are taking another Over. Pelicans scored 121 last night(122.3 PPG average this season). Blazers are 6th in the league with 117 PPG. We expect a big night from Davis and Lillard again and we think that both players may finish with more than 40 points. The total this morning open at 224.5 then went to 232 and now is 229.5 and we think there is value in this bet! Take the Over!


Small Leans:

OKC Thunder @ CHA Hornets Over  230.5❌

MIL Bucks +2.5❌


Loss: 0.2 points


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Free NBA Predictions

NBA Tips for 10/31/18

Thank you for joining us again! A Very bad result yesterday- all our pick were wrong and of course, our leans were right. Well, unfortunately, there is a day like this sometimes. We are ready to improve our results with our top picks for today. We decided to post early in the day because we already see movement on the total lines and we think that they will keep going in this way. We placed our bets earlier today and we are ready to cash it tonight!

Let's go!


Pistons @ Nets

Pistons +2.5 @1.9 (2 points)✅

Pistons played very well last night against the Celtics. We got the under in this game and in the last minutes we lost it. Well, tonight they will have an easier opponent which defence is far away from Boston.  Pitons are playing back to back games on the road but they travel from Boston to NY(not such a long distance) and we expect that they will be ready for tonight. Nets lost against Knicks in their previous match with 19 points difference. Griffin and Drummond are in good form we expect from them to score a lot of points tonight. We will take the underdog and the points tonight.


Nuggets @ Bulls

Over 222 @ 1.9 (2 points)❌

Nuggets won their last 5 games against the Bulls and they are 5-1 this season (1-1 away). The only loss came against Lakers 6 days ago in a high scoring match. In the last 2 games between these teams, the score wasand7 and 232 total. Denver is scoring 113.7 PPG and we expect that they will go over 120 tonight(Bulls defence is very week). Chicago was destroyed in their last game against the Champions GSW and they lost with 149-124. They are a high scoring team as well but their PA is 119.9.  This is why we think that this game will be nothing else than shooting the ball. Take the over here!


Mavericks @ Lakers

Over 234.5 @ 1.9 (2 point)❌

A must win for Lakers tonight! After the crazy game at Minnesota( lost 120-124), Lakers has no other option than a win tonight. LeBron is doing what he can best, but it looks like is not enough to put that team on the right track. We strongly believe that tonight Lakers will be angry and unstoppable. We expect a lot of points from Lebron, Ball has to put a good game or he can sit on the bench for Rondo, Ingram need to improve his shooting from the 3 points and Lance just has to "play the guitar" tonight. Maverick on the other side need a win as well, they are with 4 losses in a row and will definitely do their best tonight to outscore Lakers. Dallas was very close to win the game against San Antonio, but they did not play well in the Over Time. That is why we are looking for a high scoring game tonight and we will take the Over.


Pelicans @ GS Warriors

Over 236.5 @ 1.9 (2 points)✅

We are going with the trend here!  The 2 highest scoring teams in the League against each other tonight- the show is guaranteed! GSW is on fire and like we said last time we don't think that they will be stopped soon. They have the best FGP( Field Goal Percentage)- 52.3, Pelicans are 5th with 49.0. We expect Anthony Davis to be back for this game do his best against the Champions. GSW have no injuries and the only question is who will score 50 points tonight- Curry, Thompson or is Durant time? GSW score 104 3-points so far in the season and they are 40.8 % from the 3 points(3rd best in the NBA). Take the Over!


Small Leans:

Lakers - 7.5❌

PHX Suns +7.5❌

IND Pacers-NY Knicks Over 209.5❌


Parlay (1 unit) 

IND Pacers to win @ 1.4✅

LA Lakers to win @1.31✅

GSW -5 @1.33✅

PHX Suns +14 @1.33❌

Odds: 3.26❌


Loss: 1.4 units🤨


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Free NBA Predictions

NBA Tips for 10/30/18

Thank you for joining us again! We did a little bit better with our NBA predictions yesterday- we still got 2 of 4 games, but we got a little profit from our top Selections. GSW are super hot and for now, it looks like there is no team stopping them. What an amazing night for the history books- Congratulations to Klay Thompson for his 14 3-pointers! Great game for Bucks again(they are still undefeated in 7 games). For today we have few games and a couple leans(2 of 3 of our leans yesterday were right) and we hope we give you 100% today!

Let's go!


Hawks @ Cavaliers 

Hawks +4.5 @1.9 (2 points)❌

After the horrible start of the season(0-6), Tyronn Lue was fired and Cavaliers are looking for a positive change and eventually to come back to winning games. Well, we don't think that will happen right away(Kevin Love is still out) and we believe that Cavaliers will have problems against Atlanta tonight. Hawks already beat them this season(133-111) and it looks like that may happen again tonight. Cavs has one of the worst defences in the league(118 PA) and they are 27th in  EFG% and  30th in OPP EFG%. Hawks are scoring 107.6 PPG and they are 113.7 PA. We think that it will be a close game and we will take the Hawks with the spread here!


Pistons @ Celtics

Under 211.5 @ 1.9 (2 point)❌

3 days ago we took the Under when Celtics play at Detroit. Her we are just going with the trend. Both teams are typical "Under" teams, they don't score many points and keep most of their games close. Pistons may be a little bit angry after the lost 3 days ago and they might start the game with a high pace, but at the end, we predict that Boston will be the team who will control the game. Celtics offence is struggling they are 28th in EFG%(only Magic and OKC have a worse record in the league). The line this morning opened at 208 and now is going up(something that we like) and here we will take the under again!


76ers @ Raptors

Under 227 @ 1.9 (1 point)❌

76ers won their last 2 games at home against Atlanta and Charlotte and both games finished under the total. The Raptors are coming from a loss last night against "The Mighty Bucks" and for sure they will be motivated to put a good performance tonight. Kawhi Leonard is back in the starting line up and we expect from him a good defence tonight. Embiid is in good form and we think that he will have a good night against Valanciunas but we don't think this will be enough. We think this line is little high even for both these teams. 76ers doesn't play good in Toronto in general (their last win there was on November 10 2012). Last year the game finished 222 points which is the highest line from the past 4 years between these 2 teams when they play in Toronto.


Blazers @ Rockets 

Over 222.5 @ 1.9 (2 points)❌

Great win for Blazers last night at Indiana. We took the over in this game and we were wrong. Both teams showed very good defence but we don't expect the same thing to happen tonight. Rockets are in a tough spot right now. The offence is not performing that well(Harden is out for tonight) and their defence is horrible(27th in the league). Blazers are number 5 attack in the league with 119.2 PPG and they can finally end their losing streak against the Rockets. Cp3, Capela and Gordon for sure will do their best to keep up with the score(this is the 4th game away from home for Blazers in the last 5 days and we think that they will be tired and not so concentrate in defence). Take the Over here!


Small Leans:

Raptors - 6.5✅

Blazers +4✅


Loss: 7 units😞


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Free NBA Predictions

NBA Tips for 10/29/18

Thank you for joining us! We decided not to post any games yesterday because our results from 10/27 were average and decide to take a break. We got 2 of 4 from the free picks and 2 of 4 from the leans which is 50%(we are aiming for 75% so we did not like that result). We hope we gave you good results today and win you some money. We suggest all the games be played like singles and if you want to put them in a parlay please don't bet your bank. Please subscribe to our FB channel and Twitter where is easier to contact us!

Let's go!


Blazers @ Pacers❌

Over 215.5 @1.9 (2 points)

Blazers are looking for a win here. After the loss at Miami where they put a good performance not they will try to go back on the winning way. Pacers are super hot right now and they are scoring a lot of points. Their last game at home they score 132 against the Nets and we believe that they will have a good day today under the basket. Pacers have a better defence and they will be strong in the paint zone, but Blazer has amazing shooters. We expect a lot of points from Oladipo, Bogdanovich and Evans, on the other side Blazers will respond with Lillard, McCollum and Nurkic. Take the Over!

GSW@ Bulls

Over 226 @ 1.9 (2 point)✅

This is the best performance from Curry and Durant since they are playing together. They are scoring average 33.9 and 30.3 PPG and. We expect a good game from Thompson and Green tonight as well because Bull's defence is in a very bad form. The young team of Chicago have great talent and we think they will do their best to keep up with the Champions! Yesterday GSW had to play NETS and they played very well and at some point, they were leading with more than 20 points, but they left NETS to come back at the end and they cover the total with no problem. We expect the same thing to happen tonight. GSW is not playing defence(they don't have to when are scoring 130 points per game). Take the Over!


Lakers @ Timberwolves

Under 240 @ 1.9 (1 point)❌

We just believe that this line is too high for that type of game. Lakers have LeBron! YES! But in Minnesota Lebron loss 4 of his last 5 visits. Timberwolves can play very good basketball despite all the rumours for Buttler leaving the team and going to Houston. He is still a Minnesota player and from his is expected to go out tonight and do his best against "The King". Wiggins is questionable for this game which we think will reflect off the Wolves scoring and we think that will be very close game. Take the Under 240!

Raptors @ Bucks 

Over 222 @ 1.9 (2 points)✅

Two great teams in great form! Both undefeated until tonight! Both missing their stars- Kawhi and Giannis are out! Who will replace them and who will score30 points and make 14 rebounds in the game? Well, the answer is very simple- NOBODY! We expect both teams to step up and the bench to play the main role in this game. Both teams have great shooters on the bench ready to come up and show their qualities. We expect that the defence in this game will not be the main concern and that will be a lot of shooting from the 3 points(and both teams are good at that). Take the Over!


Small Leans:

Maverick @  Spurs Over 214✅

Nets+1 @ Knicks ❌

Kings +9.5 @ Heat ✅


Profit: 0.6 points 💰


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Free Football Predictions-EPL, Bundesliga, LaLiga, SerieA

Top Picks for 10/28/2018 All European Leagues

Great score yesterday! We were a little disappointed by our EPL selections. Leicester played very bad against the man down West Ham and they could not take the win. Bournemouth destroyed Fulham(we gave them 1 goal but even this was too much for them). Everything else was a winner and at the end of the day, we still make some money.  Thank you for all the nice emails an comments! We appreciate your interest and we will try to keep the good results! Few games for today!


Let's cash it!


English Premier League 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


Crystal Palace Vs. Arsenal

Arsenal to win @ 1.75 (2 points)❌

Arsenal to win and Both Teams to score @ 3.1 (1 point)❌

Arsenal are in great form! 11 straight wins for the Gunners and they are back on their favourite place in the Premier League- 4th! We think that in this derby Arsenal will take the 3 points because they are playing very fast and attacking football. Crystal Palace is still looking for their first goal at home this season and it will be a perfect time for them to score(Arsenal defence is not on 100% ready for this game). We expect a highly entertaining game with a lot of chances in front of both goals. We will take Arsenal to win- Correct score 1:3@ 13(small lean)


German Bundesliga 🇩🇪


Nurnberg Vs. Eintracht Frankfurt

 Eintracht to win @ 2.15 ( 2 points)❌

Eintracht is in great form here also. With 5 straight wins and 19 goals scored they will definitely punish the leaky defence of Nurnberg. Rebic is back and he is showing the form and game witch everybody are expecting from him, Jovic and Kostic are also phenomenal right now and we think that they will find the back of the net at least 2 times in this game. Nurnberg may score a goal in this match because at home they played well, but against teams like Fortuna, Mainz and Hannover 96 is not that hard to score. Eintracht and both teams to score here is our lean for the game @ 4.33.


Werder Bremen Vs. Bayer Leverkusen  

Werder to win @ 2.3 (1 point)❌

Werder is playing very well in front of their fans and they are very hard to be beaten. Leverkusen is coming back from a loss against FC Zurich with 3-2 in Europe League and we expect them not to be recovered on a 100% for this game. Werder shows this season that they know how to take the maximum of the games at home. They are 4th in the Bundesliga and have good chances to qualify for European tournaments next year, but they have to keep the good results at home. Leverkusen visits this year are tough and they have only 1 win against the horrible team of Fortuna. We expect Werder to take the 3 points here!


Spain La Liga 🇪🇸


Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 

Barcelona to win @ 1.9 ( 3 points)✅

Barcelona showed great football against Inter on Wednesday and for sure they will come in this game with a high expectation. Real Madrid is in big trouble right now. Their game is bad, the players don't look like they are motivated, the coach is ready to be fired. They are coming from an embarrassing loss against Levante at home with 1-2 and doesn't look like that against Barca they will manage to get out from the whole they are right now. It will be a different match without Messi and Ronaldo here, but it looks like Barcelona are handling the situation way better than Madrid. We will take Barcelona to win the game. Correct score 3:0 @ 17(small lean).


Small Leans:

Sassuolo to win @1.85🇮🇹

Getafe Vs. Betis-Draw @ 3.1🇪🇸

Marseille Vs. PSG- Over 2.5 goals and Both Teams To Score @ 1.72🇫🇷


Parlay for Sunday: (1 point)✅

Chelsea to win @ 1.36🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Sevilla to win @1.22🇪🇸

Ajax to win @ 1.4🇳🇱

Odds: 2.32


Loss: -1.98 points😞


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Free NBA Predictions

NBA Tips for 10/27/18

Thank you for joining us for another NBA weekend! We got a perfect record yesterday and gave you 4 winners. To everyone who trusts us with the plays and following us, we want to say thank you! We hope we keep the positive result today as well with our top picks and help you win some more money.

Let's go!


Celtics @ Pistons

Under 210.5 @1.9 (2 points)✅

Celtics are about to face the undefeated team of Detroit who is showing a great form from the start of the season. Celtics has one of the worst attacks in the league and they are struggling to score in most of their games. Their defence is still good and we expect that they will try to beat the Pistons with a good tactical game and good pick up. Griffin and Drummond are on fire right now but they did not play a tough defence so far. We expect that they will try to slow down the game and look for weaknesses in Boston defence. Celtic shooting from the 3 points was horrible against OKC(they were 0-11 in the first half) and we don't think that can be changed in one game. Look for the under here! The line is going up since this morning and we think that 210.5 is high enough for that type of game.


Jazz @ Pelicans

Over 220 @ 1.9 (1 point)✅

Since the beginning of the season we are taking Pelicans on the over every time and so far they did a great job. Tonight against the tough defence of UTA we expected a very close game. "AD" and company were not very convincing last night against the NETS and they had to wait till the last 2 seconds to win the game. We believe that they will start strong and try to outscore UTA in the first half so they can control the pace of the game. UTA is full of talent and they can definitean surprise the Pelicans tonight. We don't think that they will step back and wait for mistakes form "AD" who is on fire right now, they will take their chances and try to keep the game close. Take the over here!


Hornets @ 76ers

Over 228.5 @ 1.9 (1 point)❌

Since the beginning of the season, 76ers are showing that they don't want to play defence. They were destroyed in their first game against Boston, but after that, they manage to find the right way to the basket and score bunch of points. Embiid is questionable for tonight which can change the line before the game(if he doesn't start). Hornets had a great game last night and beat the Bulls with no problem. Kemba Walker's form is outstanding now and we don't think that he can be stopped from anybody tonight(he is too quick and full of tricks). Hornets will try to steal the win here but this will happen only in a high scoring game because they don't have the defence that can stop the 76ers right now. Take the Over!


Magic @ Bucks 

Over 220 @ 1.9 (2 points)❌

Bucks are becoming one of the most favourite team in the NBA right now. "The Greek" performing cannot be described with words. HE IS PHENOMENAL! Bucks at home are a very dangerous team and they can beat anybody. The questions is how motivated they will be for this game. After the fantastic win last night they may start little unorganized on the back and let Magic score some points. Magic are rested team and they are definitely ready for the challenge. Can they win tonight? We don't think so but in the games like this is most likely that they will score lots of points only because the Bucks travelled and maybe not 100% concentrated for the game. Take the Over 220.


Small Leans:

Bulls @ Hawks Over 232❌

Pacers @ Cavaliers Under 215.5❌

Blazers @ Heat Over 219.5✅

Lakers @ Spurs Under 231.5✅


Loss: 0.3 points 🤔


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Free Football Predictions-EPL, Bundesliga, LaLiga, SerieA

Top Picks for 10/27/2018 All European Leagues

The European Club football is back! Last week we decided to stay away from any predictions but today we are ready to continue the good work and give you more winners for this Saturday. A lot of games this weekend are about to be played and we selected a few which we strongly believe will be winners! Thank you for all the nice emails an comments during the week! We are here for you and will continue to give you our best selections for FREE!


Let's cash it!


English Premier League 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


Fulham Vs. Bournemouth

Over 2.5 goals and Both Teams To Score @ 1.75 (3 points)❌

Bournemouth to win and Both Teams to Score@ 3.75 (1 point)❌

Fulham has the worst defence in the league- achieved 25 goals (12 of them were in the last 3 games). Fulham invest a lot of money in new players this season after they got promoted from the Championship, but for now that investment is not paying off! Fulham has a good attacking line and we expect from them to score a goal. Bournemouth scored 16 goals for now, which put them amongst the top 4 best attacks in the league. The Cherries have no injury problems for this game and for sure they will come out strong and show a great pace. Fulham has won just two of their last 16 games against Bournemouth (D5 L9) – their last win against them was in a third tier game in January 1994. There have been over 2.5 goals scored in 7 of Fulham's last 8 games! The Same thing goes with the Cherries. We expect goals here - Correct score 2-4@ 41.0(very brave prediction!)❌ 


Leicester Vs. West Ham

Leicester to win @ 2.2 (2 points)❌

Leicester to win and Both Teams To Score @4.33 (1 point)❌

Leicester played a great first half against Arsenal with their new 3-4-1-2 formation which gets the best out of wing-backs Ricardo Pereira and Ben Chilwell. They played fast and attacking football but in the second half Arsenal were the better team and they took the win. At home, Leicester is playing very strong and West Ham right now looks like a perfect opponent they can beat. The Hammers has a lot of injuries(they lost Yarmolenko last week- one of the men in good form) and now in front of Pellegrini, there are too many problems. Can he solve them? Probably yes but not in this game against The Foxes. Trends show Leicester City have seen over 2.5 goals in seven of their last nine matches in all competitions.  Both teams have scored in each of their last three home Premier League games and Leicester City have enjoyed four wins by 2 goals or more in their last six home matches in all competitions.


German Bundesliga 🇩🇪


Borussia Dortmund Vs. Herta Berlin

Over 2.5 Goals and Both Teams To Score @ 1.83( 2 points)✅

The best attack in Europe right now-Dortmund will face at home the not so pleasant team of Herta. Dortmund is coming from an amazing win against Atletico Madrid 3 days ago. Dortmund have seen 23 goals in four home matches so far, an average of 4.6 goals per game. These 2 teams like to score goals against each other 4 of their last 5 matches both teams find the back of the net. We think that Herta will have a chance to score a goal and try to put pressure on the young Dortmund team. Can they win? No!!! Our lean for the game is Half Time/ Full Time- Dortmund @ 2.2.❌


Fortuna Duesseldorf Vs. Wolfsburg 

Wolfsburg to win @ 2.37 (1 point)✅

Fortuna is the worst team in the Bundesliga for sure! In their last game away they lost with 7-1 against Eintracht and now they have to face Wolfsburg at home, well we don't think they can take a point here. After such an embarrassing lost they will do everything to come back and win a game in front of their fans but their defence is very week against counter attacks which is Wolfsburg speciality. Wolfsburg on the other side needs a win as well. They won their first away game against Leverkusen, since then they are struggling. They have played way more serious teams than Fortuna and this is a perfect chance for them to go back to the winnings. Our lean for this game is Wolsfburg to win and both teams to score @ 4.5.❌


Spain La Liga 🇪🇸


Levante Vs Leganes 

Levante to win @ 2.1 ( 2 points)✅

After the historical win against Real Madrid, Levante will have a chance to continue their winning streak against one of the worst team in La Liga-Leganes. Levante is a very dangerous team and can play very well on a counter-attack. They are fast an have good attacking lineup. Leganes is playing very poor away from home- 5 matches 1 draw against Valencia(which this year is there favourite thing to do) and 4 loses. We don't think that Leganes can take a point from this game and will lose with 2-0 @10 (small lean).✅


Small Leans:

Watford to win @ 1.75✅

Atletico Bilbao-Valencia Draw @ 3.3✅

Celta Vigo to win @ 2.15✅


Parlay for Saturday: (1 unit)

TSG Hoffenheim to win @1.5 🇩🇪✅

Juventus to win @1.25🇮🇹✅

Atletico Madrid to win @1.53🇪🇸✅

Lille to win @1.5🇫🇷✅

Odds: 4.3✅


Profit: 2.33 units 💰


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Free NBA Predictions

NBA Tips for 10/26/18

Thank you for joining us for the NBA Season! We are ready to give you our top free predictions for Friday, October 26th. We choose a few plays that match our system and we hope they will be winners and bring you profit!

Let's go!


Bulls @ Hornets

Over 224.5 @1.9 (1 point)✅

Hornets are in a must-win situation at home. They showed a good basketball and their leader Kemba Walker is on fire. We expect a big game from him with a lot of points. Bulls are starting the season as usual- they don't know how to close games, they play chaotic and NO DEFENCE. Same story last year, it took them a while for them to find the right rhythm but we don't think that they can take the win tonight. We expect that they will do their best to keep the game close that is why we are taking the Over here.


DAL Mavericks @ TOR Raptors 

Over 222.5 @ 1.9 (1 point)✅

Points, Points and more Points! Raptors are showing great basketball and they are undefeated in their first 4 games. At home, they are as strong as ever. Dallas here may try to win the game with a good shooting and good performance from Doncic but we don't think it will be enough for them. Take the Over here!


GS Warriors @ NY Knicks

GSW - 12. @1.9 (1 point)✅

The Warriors will destroy the Knicks. Without Porzingas they have a huge hole in their team and GSW are on fire right now! Curry is scoring 3 points for fun from all over the pitch. Durant will be free all game long to score as well. We don't see how Knicks can stop the champions here.


MIL Bucks @ MIN Timberwolves

Under 233.5 @ 1.9 ( 1 point)✅

We believe that Minnesota will have a chance to win this game but they have to find a way to close the high flying Greek. Minnesota played good defence in their previous games and here the Bucks may be slow down a little bit. We also believe that this line is too high and we think that it will not be covered.


Profit: 3.6 points 💰


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Champions League Predictions

Top Picks for 10/24/2018 Champions League

Thank you for joining us for the third round of the Champions League! What a Tuesday we had! 100%  of our picks were winners which were 6.1 points of profit! Well, we intend to keep the good work and we have a few more games for Wednesday.

Let's go!


PSV Vs. Tottenham

Both Teams to Score and Over 2.5 goals @1.9 (1 point)


Last chance for both teams! The winner here will save their chance of qualifying to the next round. Tottenham played well against Inter in their first game but at the end, they were outplayed and with two quick goals Inter took the win. Against Barca, they tried to play attacking football but they were not good enough. Psv haven't scored a goal yet and in this game, they will do their best to erase that embarrassing record. Tottenham still have missing players and PSV is struggling to score, we believe that this game can go both sides that is why we think taking the goals here is a good bet. Tottenham also scored a goal in every single match they played this year and PSV has seen at least 3 goals in 13 of their last 14 competitive games. The lean for this game is Harry Kane to score at any time @1.8.


Borussia Dortmund Vs. Atletico Madrid

Both Teams to score @ 1.8 ( 1 point) 

Borussia Dortmund is the best German team right now and they are scoring goals for fun. At home, they have 5 wins and scored 21 goals. Atletico on the other side is undefeated in their last 6 matches in CL. Dortmund are super hot right now and they will go for the win here, but against them will be one of the best defences in the world, Atletico has amazing players in the middle as well and their counter attacks will be very dangerous. We can't separate these 2 teams and tell who will win the game, but for sure we will see goals from both sides. The two men in form- Paco Alcacer to score anytime @3.1 and Griezmman to score at any time @ 2.5 are our leans for the game.



Both Teams To Score and Over 2.5 goals @ 1.95 ( 1 point)

Two teams fighting for the top of the group! Messi will be the big name who will miss this clash and for sure Barcelona will look totally different without their best player. Inter is coming with their best and after the win against Milan, they are excited for sure and ready for another outstanding game. Barca still has an atomic attack who can score goals from everywhere, but they will be more predictable without Messi's magic. Inter has nothing to lose in this match and they will play without pressure and against a shaky defence they will definitely find the back of the net. We don't think this game will finish 1-1 that is why we are going for this bet. Icardi to score at anytime @2.6 is our lean for the game.



PSG to win @1.5 (5 points)

In this match we expect PSG to win an take the first place of the group. Napoli is a good side but in France, they will have no chance against the Super Team of Neymar, Mbappe, Cavani, Di Maria and so on and so on. PSG attack will not stop at home and we expect at least 3 goals from them. Napoli played very well against Liverpool at home but in their previous game against Zvezda in Serbia they couldn't score even 1 goal. Since the first minute in France, they will have to defend and try to keep up with the fast Mbappe. The odds are low here but we don't think that Napoli can hold and take a point in this match. If you want to play PSG -1.5 Asian Handicap at 2.25 you can try with 1 point. Our lean for the game is PSG to win both halves @ 3.5.


Small Leans:

Galatasaray to win @2.62

Porto to win @ 2.0

Draw or Monaco @1.75


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